Naseem Kapassi

Yoga Instructor

Naseem brings over ten years of yoga practice and teaching experience to the Naya family. A full-time mother to twins, Naseem moved to Dubai in 1998 and started her yoga journey.

Trained in the rigorous Iyengar method of Yoga, Naseem achieved her introductory level certification in 2004, her intermediate junior level 1 in 2012 and is currently working towards intermediate level 2.  

She has had the good fortune of attending classes and workshops with some of the most senior and highly qualified Iyengar teachers around the work including Guruji and the legendary Mr. B. K. S. Iyengar himself.

Naseem believes that yoga teaching should be fresh, exciting, creative and ever evolving. She is committed to sharing her passion for yoga with her students and to continuing her own journey as a student and teacher.


Naseem is a wonderfully inspiring and encouraging teacher. It's been my absolute privilege to study Iyengar yoga with her for the past four years. She runs an inclusive and highly motivating class, which varies in content for every single session, and she carefully takes her students' individual aspirations and challenges into account. I recommend her unreservedly as a caring and extremely knowledgeable instructor.

Catherine Nickerson

I have done Iyengar yoga with Naseem for many years. She combines her extensive knowledge and experience as a yoga teacher with a lighthearted touch. I always feel like I have worked hard and extended myself but also feel rejuvenated after class. Naseem pushes you to improve your yoga practice in a compassionate and motivating way.

Nicole Dolby