Juana Basto

Yoga Instructor

Originally from Colombia, Juana has been practicing yoga for over 8 years and decided to share her practice and become a yoga teacher inspired by her father, also a yogi, whose life was transformed by the yoga practice. Her background as a professional dancer, allows her to design a fluent practice through the asanas and emphasize in the correct body alignment.
She aims to explore the Spiritual through the Physical, by applying yoga philosophy, asanas, meditation and pranayama into the practice.  She believes yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual workout, and a life-changing journey.


I have practiced Yoga in many locations around the world and, for me, Juana is an instructor who truly embodies the holistic nature of yoga. She does not treat it like an exercise class, and while you certainly gain strength and are challenged in her classes, you will also leave feeling centered and balanced. She starts her class with meditation and Pranayama (breathing exercises) and finishes with meditation. Her classes are fun, challenging and she takes a genuine interest in her 'students'. Her Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes have helped me through some challenging times and have also worked wonders on my back pain. Thank you, Juana, for your care and for delivering such brilliant classes!

Bianca DeVos