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Naya is a boutique yoga and pilates studio nestled in the heart of Motor City. The studio has been beautifully designed, with a contemporary and minimalistic appearance. We offer two separate studios covering a variety of yoga and pilates classes.



Everyday, millions of people around the world practice yoga to improve their wellbeing.



Pilates is a physical fitness discipline developed by the German exercise specialist.



The Barre method is a revolutionary new program that raises the barre on group exercise classes by fusing Pilates, Dance & Yoga with fluid athletic intervals.

Upcoming Classes

  • Mat Pilates - Mixed 04/03/2024
    8:00 AM – 8:50 AM
    Naya Yoga and Pilates Times Square

    A well balanced class that overall focusing posture, strength, control, flexibilty and body awareness. In this crazy World, Pilates helps you to connect with your body through movements, through your breathing.
    Great class for anyone, who is looking to improve their posture, core strength, flexibility, to prevent injuries and to build a healthy, lean and fit body.
    To create a challenging, fun Pilates class, we do use different equipment (props), such as squashy ball, swissball, magic circle, resistance bands.
    Mandatory: Yoga/ fitness mat

  • Reformer Intermediate - Ladies Only 04/03/2024
    8:30 AM – 9:25 AM
    Naya Yoga and Pilates Motor City

    Are you looking for a challenge? Take your reformer to the next level by taking our reformer intermediate class. Be ready for the burn, be ready to sweat to lose weight, to get toned and to get stronger.
    If you are looking for a change, this class is for You.
    Duration: 60 minutes.
    Props (additional equipment) can be used on this class to enhance the level of the class.
    Note: Grip Socks are Mandatory

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